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Top Ten Ways to Communicate Well with Your Customers

1. Phone Calls

Nothing beats a good old fashioned phone call to clear up any questions or problems. They are quick, personal, and effective. Customers deserve to know that you think of them as people who deserve great service. Let them know that by picking up the phone and calling. Even if you have to leave a voicemail, they will know you want to resolve their problems right away.

2. Hand-written cards

For a really personal touch, send your customers hand-written notes or cards from time to time. Obviously, you can't do this if your business is a booming size, but for those really loyal customers, a hand-written thank you card for a special order can make a big difference. But is this really important when dealing with communication? Yes, it is crucial! Hand-written anything these days holds so much value, and lets your customers know that they are dealing with real people who care about them personally. Try it!

3. Emails

The 21st Century is upon us, which means we have to stay current with today's favorite methods of communication. Emails can be a great tool to let customers know deadlines, prices, policy changes, and even upcoming events. Keep a good list of customer emails, and keep them in the loop regarding anything that they are involved with. If your business sells John Carter printer ink, let him know when his favorite kind is on sale. If the ink will be a little longer in arriving for pickup, let him know that, too.

4. Face-to-face greetings

When a customer enters a place of business, he or she should be acknowledged as soon as possible. Not everyone wants a manager to come rushing over asking the same old “Can I help you” question, but it is nice to know that the workers know they have a customer. If possible, the business owner should spend time greeting customers a little while each day. Face to face conversation is the absolute best way to communicate with customers.

5. Text messages