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The Future of Bookkeeping: Moving to the Cloud Part One

Does your business use the “cloud”?

Studies show that businesses are quickly converting to cloud based software. According to an article written for, Joshua Sophy discusses the report called “Dispatches for the New Economy”. One of the personas in the report are identified as “plug-in players” and are defined as “small businesses that use cloud-based solutions to handle the back end of the office while they stay focused on the “mission-critical areas” of their businesses. This means using cloud solutions for accounting, marketing, and human resources with more time and resources available to focus on a business’s core product or service.” (Sophy, 2014) You can read more of Joshua's article here.

Flourishing businesses of all types and sizes try to stay current with technology. Although you might not want to be the first to try a new solution (as in “give them time to work out the glitches”) you also don’t want to be left standing in the shadows of everyone else. The goal is to use what has been tried, tested, and successful for other businesses. Cloud bookkeeping is one of those trends.

Part of staying current with the modern trends is learning about the various types of software available and other applications, specifically ones that will integrate with the primary software you choose. Technology has become a huge part of every productive business. Savvy business owners research and learn how to use the up-and-coming alternatives to stay ahead of the game.

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